Freshman: Ohio Valley University
Major: Energy Management and Production Engineering (EMPE)

Circle of Vision Scholarship: WVICU Board

My whole family is made up of strong faith based Christians and preachers, who have always wanted the best that life can offer me.

Subject that has challenged you the most academically?

Honestly, I have not had a subject that I have struggled with, but if I had to say one that gave me a challenge would be college algebra and trigonometry through West Virginia University my senior year of high school.


How has the college experience influenced or changed your life?  

College has changed my life by becoming stronger with the Lord.


What is your ultimate goal for the future?  

My ultimate goal for the future is to have a stable job, house, nice car, and eventually one day children.

Location:  Vienna, WV
Founded:  1958
Enrollment:  451
President:  Dr. Harold Shank
2014-2015 Graduates:  107
Operating Budget:  $8,592,744
Endowment:  $1,569,659
Academics:  A private, independent, regional, faith-proclaiming, liberal arts university founded by members of Churches of Christ offering over 17 Baccalaureate degree programs with special certifications and degree endorsements in particular areas of concentration.