Freshman: Bethany College
Major: Communications: Digital Media & Production

Circle of Vision Scholarship: Driehorst Foundation Scholarship

If you want your goals and aspirations to happen, then you have to get up, go out, and do them. 

What are your current career goals?

To pursue a job in broadcast journalism.


How has the college experience influenced or changed your life?  

My college experience has impacted my life by letting me meet new people from different places, and allowing me to travel to places to help others in need.


What is your ultimate goal for the future?  

My ultimate goal for the future is to surround myself with people who make me happy.

Location:  Bethany, WV
Founded:  1840
Enrollment:  737
President:  Dr. Tamara Nichols       Rodenberg
2014-2015 Graduates:  130
Operating Budget:  $21,898,000
Endowment:  $50,213,015
Academics:  A four-year private liberal arts institution offering bachelor degrees in more than 25 fields of study and a Master of Arts in Teaching.  Affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).