FreshmanAppalachian Bible College
Major: Bible and Theology,
 Pastorial Ministry
Circle of Vision Scholarship: Jeanne G. Hamilton and Lawson W. Hamilton, Jr. Family Foundation

College has opened up a whole new world of friendships and exposed me to a wider variety of culture than I had previously experienced. 

What are your current career goals?

I want to continue education and earn my master’s degree, followed by my PhD. I want to eventually pastor a church and teach as a professor in a seminary.


Who or what influenced you to attend your college?  

My biggest influence was my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose glory I am passionate for. My youth pastor, Troy Derenberger, also influenced me to go to ABC.


What is your ultimate goal for the future?  

My ultimate goal is to achieve a Ph.D. in my field of studies and to serve God through pastoral ministry at a local church; I want this service to be in tandem with teaching at a seminary.

Location:  Mt. Hope, WV
Founded:  1950
Enrollment:  295
President:  Dr. Daniel Anderson
2014-2015 Graduates:  46
Operating Budget:  $6,930,395
Endowment:  $1,396,190
Academics:  Offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in Bible and theology, and a master’s degree in ministry. Independent non-denominational.