Freshman: West Virginia Wesleyan College
Major: English (with a Creative Writing Concentration)
Minor: Philosophy
Circle of Vision Scholarship: UPS Scholarship

I have learned that you cannot become entirely consumed with work. I have always struggled with that, but college has shown me that if I value my mental health at all, I must mix relaxation in with my heavy workload.

What are your current career goals?

My current career goals include becoming either a criminal or environmental defense attorney and doing some kind of writing on the side, possibly starting a weekly blog or publishing a collection of poetry/short stories.


Who or what influenced you to attend your college?  

My parents were extremely impressed with Wesleyan, as was I, which ultimately lead to my final choice.  However, on my first visit there, I met Professor Doug Van Gundy, and he made an incredible first impression: we discussed the Creative Writing program there, as well as the Honors Program. He just so happens to be in charge of (practically) both, and we really hit it off.  Beyond that, Wesleyan’s beautiful campus, close-knit community, and fantastic academic standards contributed to my decision.


What is your ultimate goal for the future?  

My ultimate goal for the future is to be a successful defense lawyer in order to change people’s lives and help them in any way possible. Additionally, I hope for my writing to become an outlet of positivity for those who are struggling with situations relatable to my own.  Overall, looking at these two sub-goals, I suppose I just want to bring light to our often dark world.

Location:  Buckhannon, WV
Founded:  1890
Enrollment:  1,518
President:  Dr. Pamela Balch

2014-2015 Graduates:  274
Operating Budget: $30,000,219
Endowment:  $42,517,194
Academics:  Prepares its students through its curriculum of arts and sciences, pre-professional and professional studies, and its rich campus life program. Affiliated with the United Methodist Church.